These images were not drawn by me, but, I found them so beautiful, I have borrowed them to make background sets for others to use :)

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Unicorn Sets
Set A (Flying Unicorn)
Set B (Pastel Rearing Unicorn)
Set C (Satin Uni *Wolf and DevilWolf)
Set D (Framed Uni *Wolf and DevilWolf)
Set E (Fire Unicorn)
Set F (Framed Fire Unicorn)
Set G (Purple Unicorn)
Set H (Framed Uni)
Set J (Unicorn Sunset)
Set K (Gold Unicorn)
Set L (Purple Unicorn)
Set M (Unicorn Trio)
Set N (Framed Unicorn Trio)
Set O (Unicorn Rearing)
Set P (Gold Flame Unicorn)
Set Q (Gold Framed Unicorn)
Set S (Unicorn and Pixies)
Set U (Purple Moon Unicorn)
Set V (Blue Moon Unicorn)
Set W (Green Moon Unicorn)
Set X (Arabian Unicorn)
Set Y (Satin Arabian Unicorn)
Set Z (Blue Mountain Unicorn)
Set 1 (Purple Magestic Unicorn)
Set 2 (Lightning Unicorn)
Set 3 (Curly Mane Unicorn)
Set 4 (Jumping Unicorns *Wolf and DevilWolf)
Set 5 (Another Lightning Unicorn)
Set 6 (Rearing Lightning Unicorn)
Set 7 (Blue Rearing Lightning Unicorn)
Set 8 (Teal Rearing Lightning Unicorn)
Set 9 (Flying Unicorn)
Set 10 (Pink Satin Unicorn)
Set 12 (Pixie Leading a Unicorn)
Set 13 (Mother and Foal)
Set 14 (Green-Lady & Unicorn *Risque*)
Set 16 (Purple-Lady & Unicorn *Risque*)
Set 17 (Green Satin-Lady & Unicorn *Risque*)
Set 22 (Running Unicorns)
Set 23 (Gold Unicorn in a Lamp)
Set 24 (Unicorn & Knight)
Set 25 (Pixie & Unicorn)
Set 26 (Lady & Unicorns)
Set 27 (Unicorn/Dragon)
Set 28 (Baby Unicorn)
Set 29 (Flamed Jumping Unicorns)
Set 30 (Windy Unicorn)
Set 31 (Purple Unicorn in a Lamp)
Set 33 (Sunset Unicorn)
Set 34 (Sunset Unicorn Pair)
Set 35 (Golden Unicorn Sunset)
Set 36 (Pastel Unicorn Sunset)
Set 37 (Sunset Unicorn)
Set 38 (Orange Rearing Unicorn)
Set 39 (Pink Rearing Unicorn)
Set 45 (Gold Pawing Unicorn)
Set 47 (Rainbow Waterfall Unicorn Foal)
Set 48 (Pastel Unicorn)
Set 49 (Maiden and Unicorn)
Set 50 (Sunset Unicorn)
Set 60 (Unicorn & Princess)
Set 79 (Unicorn)

Set I (Running Horses)
Set 62 (Colt)
Set 63 (Horse in Snow)
Set 64 (Rearing Horse)
Set 65 (Rearing Horse)
Set 66 (Mother and Foal)
Set 67 (Mother and Foal)

Set 11 (Pixie & Pegasus)
Set 46 (Gold Moonlight Pegasus)

Big Cats
Set 15 (Reclining Tiger)
Set 32 (Winged Lion)
Set 57 (Black Panther)
Set 73 (Leaping Tiger)
Set 74 (Yawning Tiger)
Set 75 (Yawning Tiger)
Set 76 (Leopard Yawning)
Set 77 (Tiger Snarling)

Set 18 (Dolphins Moonlight-Blue Water)
Set 19 (Dolphins Moonlight-Purple Water)
Set 20 (Dolphins Down Under)
Set 21 (Dolphin Pair)

Set 40 (Lightning Wolf)
Set 41 (Sunset Wolf)
Set 42 (Howling Sunset Wolf)
Set 43 (Howling Lightning Wolf)
Set 44 (Forest Lightning Wolf)
Set 61 (Sunset Fox)

Birds of Prey
Set 68 (Bald Eagle)
Set 69 (Flying Eagle)
Set 70 (Barred Owl)
Set 71 (Road Kestrel)
Set 72 (Harrier ?)

Set 57 (Angel and Bird)

Holiday Sets
Set R (Xmas Unicorns - Mama & Foal)
Set T (Xmas Unicorns - Girl Holding Foal)
Set 58 (Valentine Hearts)

Set 51 (Red Rose)
Set 52 (Golden Rose)
Set 53 (Blue Rose)
Set 54 (Light Blue Rose)
Set 55 (Purple Rose)
Set 56 (Pink Rose)

Set 78 (Lamborgini and Vipers)

Preview Sets A-Z / Sets 1-24 / Sets 25-48 / Sets 49-72 / Sets 73-96

Check back often for new additions :) I'm trying to make 3-7 new sets per week :)

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