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Here you will find cheers that you may copy and paste to use on the cheers
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Remember, you can cheer 5 times a day!

Thank you Devilwolf for these cheers !

Cheer Number 1

Soaring Pegasus
take to the sky!
Let's hear that pegasus
battle cry!
Give a shout!
Give a cheer!
Tell the world,
the Pegasus are here!
Yeah Team!!

Cheer Number 2

Soaring Pegasus have the spirit!
Come on now, we want to hear it!
Open up now, don't you hide,
spread your spirit far and wide!
Come on now and join the race!
Let us see your shining face!
Beaming bright with all that spirit!
Come on now you want to share it!


Cheer Number 3

Soaring Pegasus with wings so strong,
surely your heart can hear the song.
Fly your circles far and wide,
don't let the spirit shrink and hide.
Round it up and bring it in,
then join together and give it a spin.
The pegasus sing a magic song,
come on now and sing along.
Pegasus with your spirit bright,
lead the way into the fight.
Friendship is the prize to win,
you never lose, just try again!

Go Pegasus to the top! YEAH TEAM!

Cheer Number 4

Soaring Pegasus with spirit bright,
won't you lead us through the night.
Find our home within the brawls,
let us wander through the halls.
We will share the spirit we have found,
we are the proudest team around!


Thank you Lady Calico for this cheer!

Cheer Number 5

I'm a Soaring Pegasus,
I'm mystical for sure!
You can find me soaring high,
Throughout the WebBrawls now!

Thank you Echo for these cheers!

Cheer Number 1

The soaring pegasus
are here to stay!
We rule the brawls
in every way!

So watch us soar
to the top!
Hear us roar
for we won't stop!

Cheer Number 2

Come on team
let's show our stuff!
Let's all soar
and call their bluff!

Let's cheer real loud
for the brawls to see
The Soaring Pegasus
are meant to be!

Cheer Number 3
I don't know
Just what it is
Pegasus's have spirit
So Let Me Hear It!!!

Cheer Number 4
We the Pegasus
We really soar in style
So if your heart can take it
Soar with us a while!

Thank you Lady Calico for this cheer!

Cheer Number 1
Come along and join us,
we'll fly around in a blur!
Then we'll all heave a sigh,
New fighter take a bow!
Come Soar with us today!

Thank you Downunder Angel for these cheers!

*Cheer 1*

The Mighty Pegasus Soars,
the Mighty Pegasus Glides
We are the Mighty Pegasus Team that Flys, Flys, Flys

*Cheer 2*

P is for Pegasus
E is for Elegance
G is for Graceful
A is for Amazing
S is for Soaring
U is for Us
S is for Special
which is what we are all about

*Cheer 3*

Give me a P
Give me an E
Give me a G
Give me an A
Give me an SUS
Put them together and what do they Spell?

*Cheer 4*

Do you hear the Roar of the Mighty Pegasus?
Can you feel the Magic within the Air?
Can you see him glide through the thundering skies?
For we are the Pegasus Team that

*Cheer 5*

We are the Pegasus Team that soar through the Skies
We are the Pegasus Team that flys, flys, flys.
We are the Pegasus Team that have no Fear
For we are the Pegasus Team that

Thank You Pixie Flower Power for these cheers!

Cheer 1

The pegasus's soar with all their might
in the day or during night
in the sun or in the rain
in the joy or in the pain
in the air or on the ground
going straight or round-and-round
for when this team sets goals to do
its only a matter of time to make them true!

Cheer 2

A pegasus' job:
a pegasus will fly
a pegasus will soar
a pegasus will fight
a pegasus will win
and when it's all and done
a pegasus will go again!

Cheer 3

When you look up in the air
you will see a winged mare
calling now in victory cries
with her team close in ties
the pegasus are here to tell
(don't be alarmed when they yell)
for they have won in teary eyes
watch them now take the skies!

Cheer 4

Soar above the clouds
Soar above the rest
No one else stand a chance
Cause we're the very best!

Cheer 5

The red
The white
The blue
The mighty soaring pegasus
will conquer you!!!!

Thank You Pixie The Cajun Unicorn!


The Pride of the Pegasus
She does Loom
When she soars
High as the Moon

Cheerful and Happy
she will be
When all the World
She will see

Through Joy and Laughter
She shows Grace
Especially when she is



Proud and True
I will watch
Just for you

You bring me Joy
You bring me Glee
First Place is
Where we'll be

Peace and Love
For all to see
The Soaring Pegasus
Is the one that will be

FLY HIGH PEGASUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Give it to us Right
Give it to us Left
We all want to be
The Very Best

Flying High
And soaring the sky
We're the team
That will not cry

Know us well
The Soaring Pegasus
For we're the Best
Then there's the Rest

GO TEAM!!!!!!!!!


What does Pegasus mean?
Follow me and
It will be seen

The Spirit, The Joy
The Happiness Abound
You can see that
There are Friends around

It was said once before
Don't Worry....Be Happy!
With Web Brawls as this
You can only get sappy

Fight for the Pride
And the Fun that we get
But The Soaring Pegasus



I feel the Cold
I feel the Heat
The Soaring Pegasus
Won't be Beat

It may be Summer
It may be Winter
Get use to it
Cuz We're the Winner!

Say a Prayer
Say a Blessing
We all Know
You'll be Guessing

When we're done,
And it's all over,
Of course we'll know
The Soaring Pegasus.....Just Got Over!


Thank you Cassandra (dragon's team leader) for this cheer!:

Cheer Number 1

What do I see up in the Sky?
"A flying horse", you say?
Oh, my!
What a wondrous site to see
His wings are spread eternally.
His white fur glistening in the sun,
Its Pegasus coming to have some fun.
He's joined the webbrawls,
Dont you see...........
He wants that trophy!
Just like you and me.

Thank you Darlene for this cheer!


Cheer Number 1
Soaring Pegasus mighty we
Take to the skys for all to see
High above the clouds and mist
Our soaring spirit we will attest
Shining brightly with inner light
We shout our cheers with all our might
With mystic grace we shall succeed
The Soaring Pegasus take the lead!!!!
Let's Go Team!

Thank you Sabrina for this cheer!

Cheer Number 1
Soaring Pegasus, Fly, fly, fly
Spread your wings
And touch the sky.
Fly on forever
Far and wide
Soaring high
With Pegasus pride.
With wings so strong
And hooves so fleet
He'll win 'cause he's
So hard to beat.
He stands so tall
And looks so grand
He's by far
The best one in the land.

Thank you Ladyhawks World for this cheer:
Cheer Number 1

Web Brawl is the place to be
Fun and Friendship for all to share
Feel the spirit burning ever bright
Hear the cheers as they guide you on your way!!
Go Fighters!!

Thank you Pam's World Of Unicorns and Ladyhawks World
Cheer Number 1

Pegasus soaring high
feel our spirit bright
Pegasus spread your wings and fly
spreading spirit in your flight
Pegasus share your magic wide
soaring higher to the top
Share the feeling of Pegasus pride!!
Go Pegasus!!

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