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Welcome to the Soaring Pegasus Pixie Page

Being a Pixie is a wonderful job!

What do Pixies do?
We dust all our fighters sites to lift their spirits and spread the cheer!
We have many different dust bags just brimming with pixie dust and we sprinkle it into our fighters' guestbooks!
This pixie dust gives our fighters much spirit!
We cheer on our team and work hard.
We are always willing to assist our fighters!
If you would like to be a pixie please go to the Help Wanted section on the Web Brawls Main Site. :)

We would love to have you with us.

Step right up and meet the pixies!!!
Just click on the graphic to visit them.

Pixie Guide
Pixie Jackhammer
ICQ# 345201

Our Pixies

Pixie Wild Horse
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Pixie Autumn Rose
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Pixie ???
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Pixie ???
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