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Where the seeds of friendship blossom !

I know you are new to this, so I will try to explain !
The Web Brawls, what are they ???
Well, they are a web page competition...
Now you are saying... ok, that didn't help at all :(
The trick to The Web Brawls, is to get people to vote for your page :)
So how do I do that, you ask? .... well here are some of my...


The Web Brawls Rules

* Have WebTV ??? Need some help ???
Email LalaBaby

* Visit your team mates, and the people on the other teams, if you like their page, email them and ask for a vote exchange with them !

* Sign your new friends' guestbooks !
If you don't have a guestbook, you can get a free one here (easy to use, and allows images)...
Free Guestbook by Guestpage.com

Join The New Light Force
This is a vote exchange board run by me :)

Taiga's Vote Exchange Resource Page

Friendship Corner
This is The Web Brawls Vote Exchange Board

* Be proud of being a Mystical Unicorn / Soaring Pegasus Member !!!
* Remember to try to post some friendship cheers during the week :)
* Cheers do NOT need to be a poem, or to rhyme :)
Just tell everybody something, let your feelings be known :)

Leave a Friendship Cheer

* Cheer Scores *
Mystical Unicorns / Soaring Pegasus

* Cheered even once? Come collect your awards !!! *
Mystical Unicorns / Soaring Pegasus

* DON'T FORGET TO: Grab a voting banner *
Mystical Unicorns / Soaring Pegasus
Post it on your page, and when you get your voting location, link it up !!!
This makes it easier for people to vote for you !!!
Remember to update your link every week !!! :)

* Make sure you send out vote reminders to your friends, but, please don't SPAM.

eg. HI :) Just a reminder to vote for me today!
Page Name: The Mystical Place
Page URL: http://www.flarenet.com/~jackhamm
Voting URL: http://thewebbrawls.com/unicorns/foal1.htm
This is important ! They need your page name, so they know who to vote for ! :)

* Use BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) when sending your reminders :) This is so people can't steal your list of voters, or SPAM your friends !!!
* If someone asks to be removed from your list, make sure you do it :)
If your mailer doesn't support HTML or BCC You can use Eudora Light for Win95/98, or go to TUCOWS, and get one for your operating system.

*** Scoring ***

* One vote per site, per day, per ISP...
The email address doesn't matter
(But it does have to be there for the vote to count !!!),
it is the ISP, or server number that makes a vote :)

This is an example of a ballot recieved by me ...

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
(jackhamm@flarenet.com) on Thursday, September 23, 1999 at 06:38:12
SiteName: The Mystical Place
REMOTE_HOST: 222.baltimore-01-02rs.md.dial-access.att.net

(jackhamm@flarenet.com) This MUST be there for it to be a VALID ballot !!!
REMOTE_ADDR: This is what ballots are counted by !!!

*** How scoring works per round ***

Foal's Corner / Pegasus Canyon
Votes are averaged out, if you have the average you qualify.

For Example:

Site #1 gets 10 votes
Site #2 gets 5 votes
Site #3 gets 15 votes
Total votes for the day 30 divided by 3 sites = 10 votes
Sites #1 and #3 qualify

Yearlings Unite and The Unidome
The Valley and Enchanted Mesa
Scoring is done on a 10 point basis, with the top site being 10.

For Example:

Site #1 gets 15 votes Score for the day 10
Site #2 gets 5 votes Score for the day 7
Site #3 gets 10 votes Score for the day 9
Site #4 gets 7 votes Score for the day 8

* Don't forget to vote for yourself everyday too ! :)

** Other Things To Do **

* Please join
Mystical Unicorns Netring * Soaring Pegasus Netring

* Check the
Mystical Unicorns Roster * Soaring Pegasus Roster
Sundays!!! To see where you are fighting !!!

* If you have ICQ, even if you are on my list already, please send me your ICQ number by email, then if I need to get in touch with you quickly I can :)

Good Luck :)

Mystical Unicorns

Soaring Pegasus

* The Summit
* The Challenge
* The Unidome
* Yearlings Unite 1
* Yearlings Unite 2
* Yearlings Unite 3
* Foal's Corner 1
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* Read the Guestbook
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* The Summit
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* Read the Guestbook
* Sign the Guestbook
* Hints and Tips
* Cheer Scores
* Cheer Awards
* Cheers to Use
* Roster
* Voting Banners
* Pegasus Pixies
* Team Champs
* Our Home
* Our Awards
* Team Awards
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* Visit Jackhammer

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