Daytona 500; February 18, 2001

Brothers...and Champions

Bobby (left) and Terry Labonte exchange looks and advice before heading out on the track at Daytona.

Rusty and Bradshaw

Rusty Wallace (left) trades greetings with former NFL great Terry Bradshaw.

Number Nine in the Pits

Bill Elliott's brand new Dodge Intrepid gets the quick treatment in the pits.

The Cars Go Two by Two

The Winston Cup cars shoot past in a parade of colors.

Three Wide

The cars go three wide into the banking at turn two of Daytona International Speedway.

Coming Down pit Road

The signs come out to guide the cars into their stalls on pit road early in the race.

Michael Lifts The Trophy

Michael Waltrip lifts the Daytona 500 trophy - his first and the most storied one in NASCAR lore.

This Car Needs a Home Depot

Tony Stewart's car went end over end -- and ended up looking like a rumpled orange blanket thrown over a chassis.

One Dodge Down

Ward Burton's Dodge was strong, but it ended up in the garage rather than in Victory Lane.

Number 99's All Done

Jeff Burton warned of the danger of a big crash -- his predictions came true in a manner too close for comfort.

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