"Beyond" by Chris Tilton

Save the Dragons Campaign

The Only

By Nick Trione

He opened his eyes drawing his first breath. He looked up at his mother with his bright green eyes as she fell to the ground of the cave. Not understanding what was happening he stood up on his golden, beautiful, yet small, dragon legs.

He looked at the eggshell which he came from, the he looked at his fallen parents. Out of curiosity, he unfolded his bright golden wings watching them flex as the sunlight poured into the cave. The air was cold and he flexed his wings back to his body, because the thin skin of his wings got cold faster than any other part of his small body. It soon dawned on his bleek mind what was happening.

He was the only of his kind now, left to rule over the red, blue, green, and black dragons. It was his duty as the only golden dragon left. But as he walked outside the valley was empty exept for him. He let out a small moan hoping another dragon would hear and come to his aid.

Alas, he assumed he was the only dragon left on that cold and foggy morning. He outstretched his wings, suspecting the cold had killed his kind. He moved to the edge of the cliff unfolding his wings. As sure as he was standing there, something told him he wasn't the only dragon just the only golden dragon left.

He pushed his feet  off the cliff and lifted off into the air diving down. He flared and flew strait, looking for another valley which contained dragons, a valley for him to call home.

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