Dale Earnhardt Gallery 2

Daytona 500; February 18, 2001

Start Me Up

Bill Elliott leads the field for the Daytona 500 across the start line as the green flag is dropped..

Sterling Pitstop

The pit crew for Sterling Marlin work feverishly to get their driver back on the track.

Hurry Up !

The crew for Jeff Gordon swap tires on the No. 24 DuPont Chevrolet.

Quick Touch-Up

Pole-sitter Bill Elliott gets the left-side of his car ready to roll back onto the track.

Stewart in the Sky

Tony Stewart (20) goes airborne in the middle of the 21-car pile-up that red-flagged the Daytona 500 at lap 180.

Crash City

The cars pile up in the big wreck that several drivers said was inevitable.

Finally... the checkered flag

Michael Waltrip crosses the finish line in first place - for the very first time.

Sweet Arrival for Michael

Michael Waltrip is greeted by his exuberant crew as he pulls into victory lane.

Everybody raise your hands!

Michael Waltrip, flanked by his wife, Elizabeth (left),and his team, raises his arms to the crowd.

The Confetti Flies

Fans, crew, and media in victory lane at Daytona - although it proved a short celebration.

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